SRM update- inching forward

4th February 2014. Following the first plenary debate on the SRM, Michel Barnier said that it was clear that Parliament’s “very valid concerns” would have to be taken on board.

6th February 2014. The Parliament published a press release, detailing the plenary vote adopting the amendments to the Commission’s SRM proposal. The release also criticised the Council’s stance as timewasting. Talks will continue until agreement is reached on the legislation itself.

11th February 2014. The Presidency of the Council published a report for COREPER. The report identifies SRM elements outwith the Regulation, the key issues and other issues identified during the trialogue process. The report ends with the suggestion that the Council could agree a revised approach based on these issues.

As expected, the process inches onwards, but it would be surprising to see any sudden outbreak of harmony in the EU tri-bureaucracy. The inevitable brinkmanship dictated by the upcoming May elections is likely to lead to some last-minute amity.

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